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Factory price geiger counter nuclear radiation detector


Factory price geiger counter nuclear radiation detector

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Product Description
Product Name
Nuclear radiation detector
Detection ray
X, r and hard β ray
Energy compensation GM pipe (Geiger counting pipe)
Dosage equivalent rate
0.01—1000 μSv/h (maximum: 10 mSv/h)
Energy scope
50 keV—1.5 MeV ≤ ± 30 % (as for 137 Cs I)
Relative innate error
≤ ± 15 % (137 CS 1 mSv/h)
80 CPM/μSv/h (as for Co—60)
Dosage rate
Selection among 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, 50.0, 100.0μSv/h at disposal.
Unit of dosage rate
Measurement display
The dosage rate is displayed per second; the protection alarm response is less than 5 seconds.
Utilization environment
- 10 ºC — + 45 ºC
Relative humidity
≤ 95 % (+ 45 ºC)
Power source
Two No. 5 (AA) batteries or charging batteries.

    Functional overview:
Radiation individual alarm device is collocated with highly flexible Geiger counting pipe as detector; it is mainly responsible for monitoring the radiation of X, r and hard β ray in various radioactive work areas; it is featured as swift response and broad measurement scope; it is able to display the dosage equivalent rate and accumulative dosage in the work area; during the battery replacement, the calendar, time and accumulative data can be stored permanently; it is widely applied in the individual safety protection monitor and radioactive indication for work personnel in the following fields: nuclear power plant, accelerator, iron & steel industry, chemical industry, isotope application, industrial X and r non-destructive flaw detection, radioactive medical treatment, Cobalt source treatment, r radiation, radioactive laboratory and surrounding environment monitor of nuclear facilities.
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