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Honeywell CN80G Handheld Computer Ultra-Rugged Mobile


Honeywell CN80G Handheld Computer Ultra-Rugged Mobile

Product No.:2023822102845

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The CN80G device features iron-clad security, including certification for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and DOD’s STIG certification. The CN80G has received a prestigious STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) designation from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for its security capabilities. This recognition from DISA and the U.S. Department of Defense acknowledges the advanced security applications and tools the CN80G encompasses, maximizing safety and security of your data throughout the life of the device.

While Honeywell's STIG certification is an essential milestone for working with the DoD, it also provides assurances to our world-wide customer base that Honeywell Mobility Edge™ platform devices can stand up to the strictest of Cybersecurity standards. Users in healthcare and finance can take advantage of the high security benchmark set by this device to protect sensitive patient and customer data. The CN80G device is offered with an attachable and dockable common access card reader, or personal identity verifier (PIV), and a full suite of accessories sourced from Trade Agreements Act (TAA) countries to secure the integrity of user data.

Government logistics, warehouse, and field mobility organizations alike are transitioning to devices built on Android™ and from keypad-centric devices to full touchscreen. But many legacy applications have not yet been updated for this new touch-centric world and for many use cases, keys remain essential for data capture. Fortunately, CN80G device offers both a large 4.2-inch vivid color touchscreen and a choice of numeric or QWERTY keypads, allowing users to pick the best input method for their environment today, and be ready for the touch-centric applications of the future.

The CN80G is built on Mobility Edge platform. This enables customers to accelerate provisioning, certification, and deployment across the enterprise. The CN80G device offers an extended product lifecycle across five versions of Android, to maximize return on customer investment and provide a lower overall TCO. The device’s advanced enterprise lifecycle tools also simplify frequently repeated tasks such as software updates, training new employees, and managing spare pools. Plus, the ultra-rugged CN80G features fast data processing and 1D/2D scanning, advanced network connectivity, and advanced battery life lasting twice as long as previous generations to keep your workers connected and productive throughout multiple shifts.


  • Housing Grade
    • Standard
  • Application
    • Distribution
    • Field Service
    • Transportation & Logistics
  • Features
    • Future-Proof
    • Iron-Clad Security
    • Ultra-Rugged
  • Camera
    • Yes


  • Operating System
    • Android 9


  • Memory
    • 32 GB Flash/4 GB RAM


  • Display Resolution
    • 854 x 480
  • Display Size
    • 10.67 cm
    • 4.2 in
  • Processor
    • 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core


  • Storage Temperature Range
    • - 22 - 158 °F
    • - 30 - 70 °C
  • Operating Temperature
    • - 20 - 50 °C
    • - 4 - 122 °F
  • Operating Humidity
    • 0 - 95 %


  • Tumble Specifications
    • Exceeds 2000 1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles
  • Drop Specifications
    • 3 m (10 ft) to concrete at room temp, 1.8 m (6 ft) to concrete across temperature range, 1.6 m (5 ft) to concrete down to -30 ºC (-22 °F)

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