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Product name : Handheld automatic coding inkjet printer
Product No. : CK 66
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CK66 handheld inkjet printer is a device controlled by software that uses non-contact methods to mark products. It uses drop-on-demand inkjet technology, which greatly reduces the use of ink cartridges, and is more economical and environmentally friendly. Quickly dry 2 seconds after printing, the font is clear and not easy to fall off.


Ink cartridge options: domestic ink cartridges, imported ink cartridges


Colour optionsBlack, white, red, yellow, green, blue


Printhead size 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 50mm.


Application mediumPaper, carton, glass, plastic, metal, leather, etc.


After-sales serviceLifetime warranty



Data Sheet Download                   12.7mm handheld inkjet printer manual    
25.4mm handheld inkjet printer manual  

12.7 inkjet printer specification            25.4 inkjet printer specification                    50mm inkjet printer specification

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